edgeofworld (edgeofworld) wrote,

Rec #1

Title:  Just One Day

Author: Asano

Summary: It takes just one day for the Doctor to realize just how much the universe can unravel, and just what lengths he's willing to go to in order to save it and the people he loves. TenRose and a surprise.

Rating: M (but only the last chapter - otherwise, teen)

Why Recommend:

Three Doctors - do you need anymore reasons? Okay, how about this... three Roses. This is a fantastic story, drawing from moments in Rose and the Doctors past, present and future. Of course, each one is a different regeneration and it's hilarious seeing how they all interact with each other.
(Actually, this was the first time I read a specific pairing and I really got me hooked on it. Three guesses what it is *coughiconcough*)
It's fluff at it's finest, but with a very well written plot (that just happens to involve the end of reality) thrown in just to shake things up. The writing style is excellent, and it had me laughing, crying and squeeling at least half a dozen times. Each. Yes, quite a feet but so worth it.
Read it, you won't regret it!


Tags: complete, fluff, multi-chaptered fic, multidoctor, rec, rose/doctor, rose8thdoctor

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