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It begins!

I love fanfiction.

I have since I first discovered it when I was eight years old and I found out that there were ways I could get my Sailor Moon fix even though the t.v. no longer aired any episodes past season 3. (Something about lesbian Sailor Scouts :P)

Then crossovers began, and I am very ashamed to admit that for a long period of time I absolutely adored Sailor moon/ Gundam Wing stories. I hunted for hours – weeks – days; pretty much the hours of 3-5 p.m. during my teen years were dedicated to hunting for these fantastical pieces of literature.

Wait… can you call fanfiction literature? I think I will, just because there are quite a few out there that I enjoy more than books.

I almost flunked out of middle school, because I also discovered RPGs around that same period of time and the hours of 8-10pm were also otherwise occupied. There wasn’t really room for schoolwork in all of that.


Weeellll, as time went on I eventually had to re-enter the real world. I went to Highschool, fell in with a group of friends who were the `OH MY GAD I ONLY GOT 90% ON THIS EXAM I WILL NEVER GET INTO UNIVERSITY` group and discovered that I actually cared about school. University came and went, I studied journalism and history and did fairly well.

And then I somehow ended up in Japan.

Yeah, there’s a few steps missing in there I’m sure…

And it was here that a lovely friend of mine asked an seemingly innocent question – ‘Amanda, have you ever watched Doctor Who’



Time and space divided cried with protest as the TARDIS tore a hole in my sanity and dragged me back to a time and place where fanfiction was my life.

I suddenly remembered – how could I ever forget – how much I adored these worlds? Alternate realities were there were happier, better, or get plain different endings to how the canon was suppose to go.

I learned the new lingo – smut, fluff, OTP, etc and I picked my favorite pairings.

But there was one slight problem – hunting for decent stories was a lot more difficult than I remembered. Or maybe I just did’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to the search as I did when I was younger.

Lj and Dw certainly made things easier, and I was able to find Master Fic lists and what not – but there weren’t to many recommendation lists.

By this point I’ve lost count of how many times I scourged Imaginary_iby and Isiscaughey rec lists. (They are fantastic by the way, if you don’t feel like looking here yet check those out! I will be linking them.)
Anyway, I will eventually link to rec_lists but I need to start somewhere, so this is just a greeting. Expect a selection to be up soon. 

I do plan on writing myself soon, but I figured for my own benefit as well as anyone else’s who might want to check out this Lj can find a list of all the fanfictions that I think are well – FANTASTIC!

So check back often if you like, and welcome to my fanjournal.

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