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what... What... WHAT?

Thought I should do the required rant about the final three episodes of Torchwood Children of the Earth.
I'm sure that if anyone out there hasn't seen the episodes yet, they've read the spoilers. But, I still am going to do an LJ just, just to make sure that no one gets mad at me for spoiling them.
Honestly though, if you haven't seen it yet, it's your own damn fault!!! :P

Like I've said before, I've never been as completely obsessed about Torchwood as I was Doctor Who. It was more of a ... nice retreat to go to between episodes. I have never been that invested with the characters, and the logic of quite a few of the elements of it have always left me pretty confused.
Oh, not the writing. The writing, the characterizations, the entire damn thing from a production stand point was brilliant. But the characters? Listed, not necessarily in order, are the things that happened in these episodes:
-Jack killing his only grandson.
-Ianto dying a horrible death.
-Jack leaving the planet.-
-Gwen saying some very depressing things about how pitiful the human race can be.
-Politicians discussing the fate of 10% of the children on the planet like they're talking about viable exports.
-A mother watching her only son die.
-Murder Suicide, involving an entire family with children.
I mean - wow. I feel sick... even just watching characters to through that on t.v. is enough to make my stomach turn. 
Oh, it was absolutely brilliant, but is a happy ending too much to ask for? At least one? Gwen doesn't count... 
Although I have to say, my respect points for Gwen have one up by about 10 after this. She really did kick some ass. I've always thought she was a little too Mary Sue-ish for this series, but after seeing how she pulled herself together and managed to not get killed when she was being hunted down... very impressive. 
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