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 I went to USJ! Woot! Talk about an experience.

A few of my friends asked me last week if I would want to come. Never one to turn down a chance at rollar coasters, I jumped at the chance. We left at 6 a.m. Sunday morning, drove 30 minutes to the train station, and took three trains over 2:30 hours until we got there. It wasn't that bad, I slept most of the way.
The park wasn't even that crowded. School technically isn't out yet at the schools (not until the end of this week) so although there were a lot of regulars there, it wasn't the insanity that you usually find at theme parks during the holidays.
It was about 5000 yen to get in, so this place is cheaper than the parks back home as well. Highly enjoyable.
Our first stop once we got inside was the Shrek 4D adventure (anyone ever wonder what 4D is exactly? Is it a technical term or just theme parks trying to seem cool?) Strange fact - all of the signs and images were in english, but the dialogue was in Japanese. So we saw Shrek speaking Japanese to a Japanese donkey while standing next to a sign that said welcome to far far away. Weird, and a little hard to follow.
After that we rode the Spiderman ride. This ride is AMAZING, I loved it in America and I love it here. Same thing though - Japanese dialogue. LOL! I heard a Japanese spiderman! He sounds very posh. ;p
After that we tried The Backdraft ride. Big mistake - most of the 'ride' was just explaining how Backdraft was filmed, but again it was all in Japanese. We got to watch Kurt Russell's lips fall out of sinc with the Japanese dialogue as he spoke. -_-;;; We did get to see a neat fire show at the end, but the weather was scorching and the hot fire didn't really help matters. This was probably the only ride we didn't enjoy.
After that, Back To The Future! Have I mentioned yet how weird it was seeing my childhood idols speak Japanese? No? Well, let me mention it again... WEIRD! Watashi-wa baka desu...
After we went to Jurassic Park - my second favorite ride. Got soaked (water ride after all) but with the heat we'd dried off within five minutes. I think the anamatronics was better here than at home, because I was actually freaked out a few times. I love dinosaurs...
Then we went and saw a show - they were showing about 30 minutes from the Wicked Musical. We were excited because we thought it would be in english! And one of my friends is obsessed with musicals.
The musical had a multiple personality disorder. It kept jumping from english to japanese and back again, usually in the middle of sentences! Despite this, I really want to see the real thing back home now, because from what I was able to gather it looks amazing.
Lunch... I tried to order a cheese burger but ended up with some weird, hybrid spicy fish beef burger... heh... I think I'll just stick to french fries in the future.
The Terminator Ride was next. Let me tell you, there is nothing better than watching a Japanese Terminator say 'I'll be Back-o'. ROTFL! Still fun, and the pre-show (even though we had no idea what was going on) was fantastic. The woman went hyperactive on cue. Suddenly all those crazy anime villians makes a lot more sense.
Jaws, which was fun. Although a friend of mine kept taking pictures and getting in trouble. Then spiderman one more time before we headed home. At this point it was 5:30 and we were all exhausted. It took us longer to get home because the wait times between the trains was quite a bit. By the time I walked in my door it was around 11p.m. Oh, it usually costs 25 dollars for the trains, but we cheated on the way back and only had to spend 1.90!
No one was there to take the tickets once we got back because it was so late! So we only had to buy a ticket one way! Shhh, don't tell anyone.

Well, I've been here for four months now and I'm starting to think of what I'm going to do when I get home when the year is up. I'm thinking more and more about P.R. or publishing. I still love radio, but with the economy I just might not be able to get in. I'll still keep it up, maybe start another show, but not full time until I have a means to support myself.
Life continues regardless. Anyway, I'll update more soon.
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