July 9th, 2009

Um... yay?

Torchwood Children of the Earth 1 and 2

I caught up on the two new Torchwood Episodes last night. I'm surprised to say that I really, REALLY enjoyed them!

Long story short, I watched the first two seasons of Torchwood before I fell head over heels into Doctor Who. My first few weeks (months?) In Japan I had no internet and no cable. Risking losing my fragile grip on sanity, I asked a friend of mine here if she had any DVDs I could borrow. 

What Doctor Who is to me, Torchwood is to her. So I trekked home with the two seasons firmly tucked under my arm and retreated to my house for the next few days.

I enjoyed it. Not obsessively, but I was regardless quite happy. Owen was a prat, Jack was sex personified, Gwen was a little too Mary Sue like for my tastes, Tosh was fun and Ianto... oh, Ianto. I watched each episode twice and then returned them throughly satisfied. I asked if she had anything else.

I walked home with the four seasons of Doctor Who and fell into the Tardis. I haven't found my way out yet. 

So I was looking forward to the new episodes, but not with the same fervor that I'm looking forward to the next Doctor Who Episodes.

Imagine my shocked surprise! (Okay, maybe you don't have to imagine because everyone is feeling that way, but still...)



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