June 29th, 2009

Um... yay?

It begins!

I love fanfiction.

I have since I first discovered it when I was eight years old and I found out that there were ways I could get my Sailor Moon fix even though the t.v. no longer aired any episodes past season 3. (Something about lesbian Sailor Scouts :P)

Then crossovers began, and I am very ashamed to admit that for a long period of time I absolutely adored Sailor moon/ Gundam Wing stories. I hunted for hours – weeks – days; pretty much the hours of 3-5 p.m. during my teen years were dedicated to hunting for these fantastical pieces of literature.

Wait… can you call fanfiction literature? I think I will, just because there are quite a few out there that I enjoy more than books.

I almost flunked out of middle school, because I also discovered RPGs around that same period of time and the hours of 8-10pm were also otherwise occupied. There wasn’t really room for schoolwork in all of that.


Weeellll, as time went on I eventually had to re-enter the real world. I went to Highschool, fell in with a group of friends who were the `OH MY GAD I ONLY GOT 90% ON THIS EXAM I WILL NEVER GET INTO UNIVERSITY` group and discovered that I actually cared about school. University came and went, I studied journalism and history and did fairly well.

And then I somehow ended up in Japan.

Yeah, there’s a few steps missing in there I’m sure…

And it was here that a lovely friend of mine asked an seemingly innocent question – ‘Amanda, have you ever watched Doctor Who’



Time and space divided cried with protest as the TARDIS tore a hole in my sanity and dragged me back to a time and place where fanfiction was my life.

I suddenly remembered – how could I ever forget – how much I adored these worlds? Alternate realities were there were happier, better, or get plain different endings to how the canon was suppose to go.

I learned the new lingo – smut, fluff, OTP, etc and I picked my favorite pairings.

But there was one slight problem – hunting for decent stories was a lot more difficult than I remembered. Or maybe I just did’t have the same amount of time to dedicate to the search as I did when I was younger.

Lj and Dw certainly made things easier, and I was able to find Master Fic lists and what not – but there weren’t to many recommendation lists.

By this point I’ve lost count of how many times I scourged Imaginary_iby and Isiscaughey rec lists. (They are fantastic by the way, if you don’t feel like looking here yet check those out! I will be linking them.)
Anyway, I will eventually link to rec_lists but I need to start somewhere, so this is just a greeting. Expect a selection to be up soon. 

I do plan on writing myself soon, but I figured for my own benefit as well as anyone else’s who might want to check out this Lj can find a list of all the fanfictions that I think are well – FANTASTIC!

So check back often if you like, and welcome to my fanjournal.

Um... yay?

Rec #1

Title:  Just One Day

Author: Asano

Summary: It takes just one day for the Doctor to realize just how much the universe can unravel, and just what lengths he's willing to go to in order to save it and the people he loves. TenRose and a surprise.

Rating: M (but only the last chapter - otherwise, teen)

Why Recommend:

Three Doctors - do you need anymore reasons? Okay, how about this... three Roses. This is a fantastic story, drawing from moments in Rose and the Doctors past, present and future. Of course, each one is a different regeneration and it's hilarious seeing how they all interact with each other.
(Actually, this was the first time I read a specific pairing and I really got me hooked on it. Three guesses what it is *coughiconcough*)
It's fluff at it's finest, but with a very well written plot (that just happens to involve the end of reality) thrown in just to shake things up. The writing style is excellent, and it had me laughing, crying and squeeling at least half a dozen times. Each. Yes, quite a feet but so worth it.
Read it, you won't regret it!


Um... yay?

Rec #2

 Title:  A Long History

Author: Jess L'Rynn  

Summary: Boy meets girl, the eternal tale, as old as time. Before the beginning, the story starts with the answers at the center of the circle. Now Complete.

Rating: M

Why Recommend:
This is my canon. Simple as that - Jess L'Rynn should be the main writer for Doctor who, because each of her stories is better than quite a few of the canon episodes I have watched (several times.)
This is an epic length story that jumps to before the beginning, adding fantastic depth to the relationship between The Doctor and Rose. 
What if they didn't meet when they were 19 and in their 9th regeneration respectively? What if they met long before that. What I would give to see this as a television series!
The sequel to this story is in the works now, so check that out as well.