edgeofworld (edgeofworld) wrote,

Rec #3

 Title: Signing Up
Author: Michelle V
Summary: Post Journey's End. A new reality sets in for the Doctor and Rose.
Rating: PG-13
Why Recommend:
This made my piece with Journey's End. It tells the story of Rose and TenII in the immediate aftermath of Bad Wolf Bay. It tells there story with angst, romance and even a bit of humor thrown in. This is the best (canon) Journey's End fic I've read. The the end of season four upset you, read this - you'll make your peace and maybe even become a fan of good old Handy. (Two parts - link is to the first one)

Tags: doctor/rose = love, handy rulez, i've made my peace, multi-chaptered fic, romance, rose10.5, there is a hit out on rtd!!!!

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