edgeofworld (edgeofworld) wrote,

Rec #2

 Title:  A Long History

Author: Jess L'Rynn  

Summary: Boy meets girl, the eternal tale, as old as time. Before the beginning, the story starts with the answers at the center of the circle. Now Complete.

Rating: M

Why Recommend:
This is my canon. Simple as that - Jess L'Rynn should be the main writer for Doctor who, because each of her stories is better than quite a few of the canon episodes I have watched (several times.)
This is an epic length story that jumps to before the beginning, adding fantastic depth to the relationship between The Doctor and Rose. 
What if they didn't meet when they were 19 and in their 9th regeneration respectively? What if they met long before that. What I would give to see this as a television series!
The sequel to this story is in the works now, so check that out as well.


Tags: fluff, more please!, multi-chaptered fic, multidoctor, omg!!!!, romance, rose/doctor, smut, this is my canon

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